December 24, 2012
Over 50 years, the catholic church in Spain stole around 300,000 babies from their parents and sold them in a baby trafficking ring. Most mainstream media barely cover the story and the church stays in business

VIDEO: (59:08) For over 50 years, the Catholic church in Spain stole approximately 300,000 babies from their parents and sold them in a baby trafficking ring. This disgusting revelation is detailed in a new BBC documentary titled “Spains Stolen Babies.”

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The Unfathomable, Unimaginable, Boundless, Immeasurable, Inconceivable, Incomprehensible and Infinite Wealth of Roman Catholicism in Spain.


VIDEO: Doctor confronted over stolen babies

Dr Vela is confronted with the allegations

Short VIDEO: (25:59) Spain Baby Market: Catholic Church’s Baby Trafficking Schemes Exposed [BBC Documentary]

Spain’s stolen babies and the families who lived a lie

'Spain's Stolen Babies': New BBC Documentary Explores Fifty-Year Baby Trafficking Scandal

"I think that my baby was sold": Re-opening a dark chapter in Spain’s history


Spanish Nun Maria Gomez Valbuena Charged In Baby-Stealing Operation

Sister María Gómez Valbuena leaves a court in Madrid on April 12, 2012, after refusing to testify on her alleged involvement in a stolen-babies scheme

Spain’s Stolen-Babies Scandal: Empty Graves and a Silent Nun,8599,2112003,00.html#ixzz1sPMGmdPK

Spain Stolen Babies: Sister Maria Gomez, Spanish Nun, Won’t Speak At Hearing


Spain nun in court over babies ‘stolen’ under Franco

Stolen Babies: Confronting Spain’s Dark Past,8599,2059563,00.html

Spain’s Stolen Babies: An Ugly Past On a Staggering Scale

Spain probes 849 cases of alleged baby trafficking

Families Of Spain’s ‘Stolen Babies’ Seek Answers — And Reunions

Spain’s Stolen Babies; Alphas

Spain’s ‘stolen babies’ attempt to blow lid off scandal

People who were given up for adoption without their parents’ permission want to bring authorities who allowed it to task

After 44 years, one of Spain’s stolen babies is reunited with her mother

Manuela Polo never believed her seventh child had died at birth as doctors told her. Now she has proof she was right


Ines Madrigal whose mother says she was given the girl as a gift.



Baby Juan Luis Moreno with the parents who told him they had bought him.


Juan Luis Moreno (center) with his mother and childhood friend Antonio Barroso, another child who was told he had been illegally adopted.


Guillermo Perez Roisinblit holds pictures of his biological parents. He’s one of hundreds of victims of the Argentine military regime’s baby abduction scheme.


Identity crisis: Randy Ryder as a baby being cradled in a Malaga hospital in 1971 by the woman who bought him

Spain’s stolen baby scandal

300,000 babies stolen from their parents - and sold for adoption: Haunting BBC documentary exposes 50-year scandal of baby trafficking by the Catholic church in Spain


Reunited: Randy Ryder with Manoli Pagador, who believes she may be his real mother


Bought for cash: Journalist Katya Adler with Juan Luis Moreno, who was sold as a baby


'Wasn't just one or two children': Ex-Argentine dictators jailed for baby thefts


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Three key figures from Argentina’s “Dirty War” got hefty jail terms for the systematic theft of babies from political prisoners during the 1976-1983 dictatorship, an Argentine court ruled on Thursday.


Argentine dictators go on trial for baby thefts

Videla was sentenced to 50 years in prison as the architect of the plan, while Acosta got 30 years and Bignone got 15. The other defendants were also ordered to serve sentences of various lengths.


Tears flow as Argentina’s ‘stolen babies’ trial comes to an end

VIDEO: (1 hour, 29 minutes) FULL Documentary - “This World Child Slavery”

The Word on Women - Stolen Children: Investigating Forced Removal of Babies & Infants

The media coverage of these abductions seems to be predominately focused on the narrative of the abductions and the historical context, not on the issue of women’s rights and human rights violations. Why do you think this is and what is your opinion?


300,000 Kidnapped by the Catholic Church in Spain: Nuns claimed babies died, then sold in adoption

300,000 Babies Stolen by Nuns and Priests in Spain to Sell for Adoption: Vatican’s Organized Crime

Catholic Church involved in Baby Trafficking in Argentina, then Selling into Adoptions

Catholic Church in fresh scandal involving money-spinning baby-trafficking in Spain


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Canadian Holocaust - The Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples in Christian-run schools. 52,500 - 90,000 children or 35%-60% of the approximately 150,000 children who were kidnapped and savaged are unaccounted for! (1820-1969)

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