August 29, 2012
John McCain’s Obsession and Addiction To WAR! How many countries does he want to attack? Plus, his war-speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention - John The Neocon

John McCain is the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

He was the Republican presidential nominee in the 2008 United States election.

McCain Essentially Calls for Invasion Of Entire Middle East


McCain: Iraq Milestone No Thanks to Obama

McCain Envisions ‘Scorn and Disdain’ for Obama on Iraq

“It is clear that this decision of a complete pullout of United States troops from Iraq was dictated by politics and not our national security interests,” McCain said, “I believe that history will judge this president’s leadership with scorn and disdain, with the scorn and disdain that it deserves.”


John McCain Criticizes Afghanistan Drawdown Plan

McCain: Obama’s Afghanistan Troop Drawdown Is ‘Unneccessary Risk’

McCain criticizes Obama on Afghanistan, Syria


McCain: Bomb, bomb Iran…. Oh, and Syria

McCain and Hawks Want to Bomb Iran, Syria

McCain: Iran “supplying arms” to Syrian regime

Senator Bomb-Bomb-Iran McCain to Putin: Dictators All Over the World, Including Russia…Are a Bit More Nervous


McCain: US should lead international effort toward airstrikes on Syria to force out Assad

John McCain: U.S. should bomb Syria

Senator McCain calls for war in Syria

Senator John McCain took to the senate floor and made an impassioned plea for a US-led war effort. He’s probably not going to get what he’s asking for.

John McCain Continues Beating the War Drums on Syria

McCain: U.S. leadership on Syria “shameful and disgraceful”

McCain: Russia backing Syria over longing for ‘old Russian empire’

On Syria McCain reminds us why we voted for Obama

McCain Falsely Claims U.S. Armed Libya Rebels To Make The Case For Arming Syrians


McCain pushes heavier U.S. involvement in Libya

John McCain’s bitter Libya spin

John McCain, in Libya, calls for more airstrikes and weapons aid for rebels

John McCain, the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, urges U.S. recognition of the opposition leadership in Benghazi ‘as the legitimate voice of the Libyan people.’

~NO Class ASS

McCain Blasts Obama on Benghazi at ‘Storm Relief’ Rally—abc-news-politics.html

McCain says Obama’s Libya handling either a ‘massive coverup’ or gross incompetence


John McCain Advocates For Democracy in Egypt: “We Need To Be On The Right Side Of History”

McCain: Egypt’s Future Depends on Country’s Military

McCain Calls Middle East Pro-Democracy Movement A ‘Virus’


Romney Supporter McCain Dodges On Whether Russia Is U.S.’s ‘No. 1 Foe’: In ‘Many Respects’ They Are

‘Senior U.S. Official’: McCain’s Plan To Kick Russia Out Of The G8 Is ‘Impossible’ And ‘Just A Dumb Thing’

Kick Russia out of G8 says McCain

This Week: John McCain Wants To Kick Russia Out Of G8. Why? To Teach Them A Lesson About Hubris, Naturally

John McCain’s tough stance toward Russia

John McCain and his national security advisor both want to get tough with Russia — but one of them got paid to say so. Does McCain have another lobbyist problem?

Putin dubs McCain ‘nuts’ over his threats on Putin’s fate

McCain’s speech a ‘real bell-ringer for war’

In RNC Speech, John McCain Reminds America Why It Didn’t Elect Him

Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow analyze Sen. John McCain’s speech at the RNC, where he emphasized foreign policy and possible military involvement in Iran and Syria.

~John McCain’s speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention:

"I trust Mitt Romney to know that good can triumph over evil, that justice can vanquish tyranny, that love can conquer hate, that the desire for freedom is eternal and universal, and that America is still the best hope of mankind."

"By committing to withdraw from Afghanistan before peace can be achieved and sustained, the president has discouraged our friends and emboldened our enemies, which is why our commanders did not recommend that decision and why they have said it puts our mission at greater risk." 

~See a partial transcript:

But most of all, we can’t afford to abandon the cause of human freedom. When long-suffering peoples demand liberation from their jailers and torturers and tyrants, the leader of the free world must stand with them.

Unfortunately, this is not happening.

When Iranians rose up by the millions against their oppressive rulers, when they beseeched our president, chanting in English, “Are you with us, or are you with them?”, when the entire world watched as a brave young woman named Neda was shot and bled to death in a street in Tehran.

The president missed a historic opportunity to throw America’s full moral support behind an Iranian revolution that shared one of our highest interests: ridding Iran of a brutal dictatorship that terrorizes the Middle East and threatens the world.

The situation is far worse in Syria. What began as peaceful protests has now become, 18 months later, a savage and unfair fight.

With the full backing of Iran, and Hezbollah, and Russia-with tanks, and helicopters, and fighter jets, Bashir Assad is murdering men, women and children.

More than 20,000 people have perished. Extremists are gaining ground. And the conflict is becoming more dangerous by the day for our allies, and for us.

In other times, when other courageous people fought for their freedom against sworn enemies of the United States, American presidents - both Republicans and Democrats - have acted to help them prevail.

Sadly, for the lonely voices of dissent in Syria, and Iran, and elsewhere, who feel forgotten in their darkness, and sadly for us, as well, our president is not being true to our values.

The demand for our leadership in the world has never been greater. People don’t want less of America. They want more.



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